One day in Liechtenstein – Top things to do

Visit Liechtenstein in a day – The ultimate guide

Liechtenstein is a small country in Central Europe, situated between Austria and Switzerland. Alpine natural beauty (how could it not have with such a fantastic location!) and rich history make this a fantastic destination to visit. A day in Liechtenstein is enough to get you acquainted with its highlights. Read on for a detailed guide on how to spend the day.

Overview of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country in the world, measuring only about 24 km south to north! Another fun fact about this country is that it has more registered companies than it has citizens!

Schaan church - Liechtenstein - Top things to do
A beautiful church at Schaan, Liechtenstein

Best time to visit

Anytime! Liechtenstein is a beautiful ski destination in the Winter and a stunning hiking destination in the Summer.

Getting there

By air: While Liechtenstein does not have its own airport, there are 3 airports within an hour’s distance: Zurich and St. Gallen in Switzerland and Friedrichshafen in Germany.

By train: Travel to Sargans or Buchs in Switzerland or Feldkirch in Austria and take the Liechtenstein bus (LIEmobil) from there.

By bus: Flixbus runs buses up to Feldkirch in Austria. From there take the Liechtenstein bus (LIEmobil).

By car: From Zurich, the capital city of Vaduz is about 1.5 hr away

Itinerary for spending a day in Liechtenstein

Here’s the entire day’s itinerary:

We visited 4 municipalities in Liechtenstein: 

  1. Schaan
  2. Vaduz
  3. Triesenberg
  4. Balzers

This route can be done either by car or by taking the public buses. 

At Vaduz, we walked to all the major sights. Here’s our city walk map,

Read on for details on things to do in each location.

Our experience at Liechtenstein

We drove from Zurich and reached Liechtenstein by mid-morning. There is no border control between Switzerland and Liechtenstein and the only way to know you’re in another country is by the flags on the Rhine bridge. Our first stop of the day was Schaan


Schaan is the largest and the northernmost municipality in Liechtenstein. It’s a charming little town where we spent some time strolling along the streets. One of the main attractions of this place is its beautiful church that’s located in the centre of the town, close to the bus station.

Schaan church - Liechtenstein - Top things to do
It started raining in Schaan but that didn’t dampen our spirits!

For parking, there are multiple parking spots along the street, near shopping centres and there are also large parking garages. Since we went on a Sunday, we didn’t have to pay for parking anywhere in Liechtenstein!


Vaduz is only 5-10 minutes away from Schaan. As we drove into town, we could already see the famous Vaduz Castle perched on a hilltop.

We parked in one of the parking garages on the main street and walked towards the beautiful pedestrian street in Städtle. This street is lined with shops, restaurants and cafes, and beautiful stamps printed on the ground every few minutes!

Striking postage stamps of Liechtenstein. One day in Liechtenstein
Striking postage stamps of Liechtenstein
Striking postage stamps of Liechtenstein. One day in Liechtenstein
Striking postage stamps of Liechtenstein

The tourist information centre is located on this street. This is where you can get maps, information, souvenirs. You can even get your passport stamped – however, at 3 Euro per stamp, I thought it was a bit too steep.

Tourist information center - Liechtenstein
The tourist information centre
More places to get your passport stamped - Liechtenstein
More places to get your passport stamped

The street was buzzing with activity even on a Sunday – even the shops were open! Such a refreshing change from Switzerland! There was a volleyball match also going on. Funnily enough, it was a Beach Volleyball tournament. Yeah, in a doubly landlocked country. On a rainy day. But hey they had sand on the court so that counts, right?!

Stadtle Liechtenstein - one day, top things to do
The beach volleyball tournament in full wing

Städtle also houses the Liechtenstein National Museum which will take you through the history of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein National Museum - top things to do in one day in Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein National Museum

As you walk towards the south end of the street you reach the Peter-Kaiser-Platz – the square which houses Liechtenstein’s government. This square has a bright yellow tiled floor which almost makes you reach for your sunglasses, even on a cloudy day!

Peter-Kaiser-Platz - Things to do in one day in Liechtenstein
See how bright those tiles are!
See how bright those tiles are!

Next to the Peter-Kaiser-Platz is the St. Florin Cathedral, a beautiful church built in the 19th century.

St. Florin Cathedral - Things to do in one day in Liechtenstein
St. Florin Cathedral

From the church, we followed the main road on a 15 min walk to the Alte Rheinbrücke (Old Rhine Bridge). This is a covered wooden bridge spanning the river Rhine between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Built in the early 20th century this is the oldest surviving wooden bridge on the Rhine. 

Alte Rheinbrücke - Things to do in one day in Liechtenstein
Alte Rheinbrücke

Near the bridge, there are long walkways along the river. We took a short walk here which was quite fun with the river rushing next to us and high mountains visible in the distance.

Strolling along the Rhine
Strolling along the Rhine

The walk back to town was very pretty since we could see the valley surrounded by high mountains. The Vaduz Castle is also visible with the backdrop of these mountains.

Vaduz Castle and St. Florin Cathedral visible in the distance
Vaduz Castle and St. Florin Cathedral visible in the distance

The Vaduz Castle is a 20 min uphill walk from Städtle or a 5-minute drive. You can guess which one we picked! The views from the top of the hill are beautiful. You can see the whole valley with the Rhine flowing through. Do note that the castle is not open to visitors since the royal family resides there. So if you do take the hike up here it has to be for the views.

Vaduz Castle - Things to do in one day in Liechtenstein
Vaduz Castle
Views from the Vaduz Castle hill
Views from the Vaduz Castle hill


Triesenberg is only a 5-minute drive up from the Vaduz castle. If you’re taking public transportation, head back down to Städtle from the castle and take the bus to Triesenberg.

Triesenberg is a delightful small mountain town. We parked in the town centre and strolled along the streets fascinated by how beautiful everything was. The views from the edge of the town down into the valley were even better than we had seen from the Vaduz castle.

Triesenberg - Things to do in one day in Liechtenstein
Views from Triesenberg
Views from Triesenberg
Views from Triesenberg


From Triesenberg, we drove about 10 minutes to reach the town of Balzers. Told you it’s a small country!

You could also take a bus from Triesenberg to Balzers. As you head down the mountain, the scenery is absolutely incredible.

Spectacular views on the way to Balzers
Spectacular views on the way to Balzers

As soon as you enter the town you will be able to see the Gutenberg Castle situated high up on a hill. This museum is open to the public as a museum. The castle and the hill have a lot of history behind them. The castle hill has been inhabited since the Neolithic period! The castle itself was built in the High Middle Ages.

Gutenberg Castle - Things to do in one day in Liechtenstein
Gutenberg Castle

We had a fantastic day exploring Liechtenstein and reached back home by early evening. What more can you ask from a day trip?!

Other things to do in Liechtenstein

Have you been to Liechtenstein? Did you love the castles more or the natural beauty? Let me know in the comments below.

Are you planning a trip to Liechtenstein? Let me know if you have any questions.

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