Mount Titlis, Switzerland – A breathtaking glacial paradise

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One of the biggest highlights of Central Switzerland, Mount Titlis is an easily accessible glacier with stunning views of snow-capped mountains and beautiful Alpine landscapes. A worthy alternative to the pricey (and super crowded!) Jungfraujoch, Mt. Titlis is always our recommendation to visitors asking for a snow-capped mountain to discover in Switzerland.

At ~3200 m, Titlis is one of the highest mountains in Switzerland and is perpetually covered in snow. The landscapes from the top are absolutely breathtaking – spending a day at Mt. Titlis is a must when in Switzerland! Continue reading for the complete guide to visiting Mt. Titlis.

Mt. Titlis Switzerland

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Where is Mount Titlis

Mt. Titlis is located in Central Switzerland between the cantons of Obwalden & Bern. At ~3200 m, Titlis is the highest peak in this part of the Alps. It is accessed through the resort town of Engelberg, located ~35 km from Lucerne. Encircled by tall peaks, Engelberg is a beautiful town in this imposing, yet romantic valley. It is the perfect starting point for snow sports during the winter and hiking in the summer. 

Mt. Titlis Switzerland

What is the best time to visit Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis is a year-round destination with fantastic activities both during the summer and during the winter. I prefer visiting during the summer though since I’d rather not be in sub-zero temperatures! 

So, irrespective of the time of year, pick a sunny day and head to Mount Titlis! Check the Titlis webcams to ensure you’re picking the right time for a visit. Try and avoid the peak summer season if you can since those see the most no. of tour buses which could mean longer wait times for the cable cars.

Mt. Titlis Switzerland

How much time do you need to visit Mount Titlis

Plan for a full day for this excursion, if not more! Going through all the highlights at the top of Mount Titlis takes a couple of hours. You will also need a few hours enjoying the lower areas of Trübsee and the wonderful hikes in that area. Add to that the travel time (plus the wait time for the cable cars) and you’ve easily got a full day covered.

Do you need a tour to visit Mount Titlis

Not at all! Like most destinations in Switzerland, the transportation options are very well organized and super-efficient. It’s very easy to visit Mt. Titlis on a day trip from Lucerne or Zurich.

Continue reading below for all the details on how to visit Mount Titlis and the best things to do there.

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How to get to Mount Titlis

Titlis map

Mt. Titlis is easily accessible both by public transportation or by your own car.

By train: Take the train to Engelberg. Once at Engelberg, walk the 5-10 min or take the bus B10 to the Mt. Titlis cable car station (Titlis Talstation).

Lucerne to Mount Titlis

There are trains every hour from Lucerne to Engelberg. More frequent connections (every 20-30 minutes) are available in the morning hours.  It takes ~45min to reach Engelberg from Lucerne.

Zurich to Mount Titlis

There are trains every hour from Zurich to Engelberg, with a change at Lucerne. It takes ~1hr50min to reach Engelberg from Zurich.

By car: Take the A2/ E35 from Lucerne towards Gotthard Pass and take the exit at Stans-Sud. Follow the signs to Engelberg and then to the cable car station. The Mt. Titlis cable car station (Titlis Talstation) has a large parking lot but it does get filled up soon so try and visit early in the day.

Once at the cable car station, head to the ticket counter. If you purchased your tickets online, show those at the counter to get the physical tickets which will be required to cross all the turnstiles. 

Titlis Talstation

The trip up to Mt. Titlis is in 3 parts,

  1. Engelberg – Trübsee (10 minutes):  An 8 seater gondola takes you from Engelberg to Trübsee. I’d recommend visiting Trübsee on your way down, so remain seated in the gondola till the station of Stand.
Mt. Titlis Switzerland
  1. Trübsee – Stand (10 minutes): Remain seated at the Trübsee stop till you reach Stand.
  1. Stand – TITLIS (5 minutes): Take the famous rotating cable car to the final station at ~3000 m above sea-level. This is a standing room only cable car so try and snag a spot near the windows to take in the fantastic views. The gondola rotates at a very very low speed so don’t worry about feeling dizzy! It makes the entire 360 degrees rotation in about 5-minutes, which is the total duration of the trip.
Rotair Titlis

Check the operating times of the gondolas here. 

Tickets for Mount Titlis

An Engelberg – Titlis return trip costs CHF 96 – I know, it’s pricey! But it is worth it! Visiting a glacier was never so easy, so if you’re in Switzerland, don’t miss the chance. Check the latest prices here. Any activities (such as the Ice Flyer or the Trübsee Flyer zipline) cost extra – these can be purchased with the ticket at the ticket counter.

You can buy your tickets on the SBB app or at the ticket counter. 

Is Mount Titlis covered in the Swiss Pass/ Eurail Pass

You get a 50% discount with the SBB half-fare travelcard / GA travelcard / Swiss Travel Pass / Bernese Oberland Regional Pass.

With the Eurail / Interrail Pass, you get a 25% discount.

What is the weather like at Mount Titlis

At the peak of the mountain, there’s only one season – Winter! Perpetually covered in snow, Mt. Titlis is cold and windy! Even on a warm summer day when it’s 25+ deg C at Engelberg, Mt. Titlis will be at <10 deg C. Which brings me to…

Mt. Titlis Switzerland

What to wear to Mount Titlis

You’ll need to wear warm clothes, in layers. Carry a warm cap and gloves since it can get really cold and windy at the summit, even during the summer. You also need closed, sturdy shoes since you will be walking on snow and ice. 

Mt. Titlis Switzerland

What to do at Mount Titlis

There are 5 levels at the summit of Mt. Titlis and here’s an outline of those:

Mount Tilis levels

Once you exit the rotating cable car, head straight to the top level and,

Take in the spectacular landscape from the viewing platforms

As you step out on the top floor, be prepared to drop your jaw in awe at the magnificent scenery around you – and perhaps bundle up a bit as you feel the chill of the cold air!

Mt. Titlis Switzerland
Views from Mount Tilis viewing platform
Views from Mount Tilis viewing platform

The breathtaking views of snow-capped mountaintops and untouched Alpine landscapes will have you braving the cold. Walk around the platform for 360-degree views of the beautiful mountains. 

Walk into the snow to head towards the Cliff Walk next.

Get thrilled at Mt. Titlis Cliff Walk/ Mt. Titlis Bridge

The Cliff Walk is one of the best parts of visiting Mount Titlis! At 3000+ metres altitude, 500 metres off the ground, this suspension bridge is absolutely thrilling. 

Mount Tilis Cliff Walk
Mount Tilis Cliff Walk
Mt. Titlis Cliff Walk Switzerland

The snow-capped mountains are so much closer and the views of the glacial abyss looking down through the mesh of the bridge makes it a spectacular experience!

Feel the breeze with Mt. Titlis Ice Flyer

The Titlis Ice Flyer is a chair lift that takes you over the glacier to the Glacier Park for more up-close views. The tickets for this chair lift need to be bought separately – you can buy them together with your tickets at the ticket counter.

Titlis Ice Fler

Do note that the Ice Flyer chair lift will remain closed in summer 2020.

Play in the snow

What could be more fun than enjoying the snow – especially during the summer! Enjoy snow tubing at the Glacier Park or a snowball flight right next to the viewing platforms!

Play in the snow at Titlis
Mt. Titlis Switzerland

Admire the Glacier Cave

The Glacier Cave at Mt. Titlis is an absolutely magical place with ice dating back 5000 years! The 150-metre long walkway is bathed in a dim turquoise light and descends 10 metres below the glacier.

Glacier Cave Mt. Tilis

Sub-zero temperatures inside the cave really make you feel transported to the ice age! There are several cool sculptures inside the cave which are super fun to discover since they keep changing these every few months.

Glacier Cave Mt. Tilis

You can access the glacier cave from Level 1 of the TITLIS mountain station or while descending from the cliff walk.

Hike! (or Sled/ Ski!)

During the summer, hiking is a fantastic way to take in all that the Titlis region has to offer. There are many many trails in this region ranging from easy to strenuous. Check these out here. More summer activities can be found here.

Hike at Mt. Titlis

During the winter, choose from skiing, tobogganing and activities at the snow parks. Check out the winter activities at Titlis here

Have a warm meal/ Enjoy some chocolates

Pick between the Panorama Restaurant which serves regional delicacies and fantastic desserts, all with well, panoramic views of the glacier, or the self-service restaurant which has a simpler menu but the same views. 

Pick up some chocolates or souvenirs from the several shops – keep in mind everything will be quite expensive here!

Make a stop at Trübsee

Trübsee is a beautiful lake located at the middle station Trübsee. Enjoy the beautiful views at the lake – rowing a boat here is a wonderful way to do that here! Or if you are feeling adventurous, take the zipline down to the lake.


Where to stay to visit Mount Titlis

You can visit Mt. Titlis on a day trip from Lucerne or Zurich. However, if you want to take in everything that the region has to offer, including the fantastic hikes, plan to spend a couple of days here – stay at Engelberg or Trübsee.

Find places to stay near Mt. Tilis here.


Mount Titlis or Mount Rigi/ Pilatus

Short answer – both!

There are very different experiences to be had at either of the mountains and both are worth a visit (though I’d recommend Rigi over Pilatus). Mt. Titlis is always covered in snow and is one of the best mountains in Switzerland to visit (cheaper than Jungfraujoch and better views!) to see glaciers and indulge in snow activities.

Mount Titlis Switzerland

Mount Titlis or Jungfraujoch

Mt. Titlis is always our recommendation to visitors asking for a snow-capped mountain to discover in Switzerland. It’s cheaper than Jungfraujoch and the ride up is much more scenic, unlike Jungfraujoch where the train goes through a tunnel for the last part of the ride and it can get boring (and slightly claustrophobic!). 

Titlis is also less crowded than Jungfraujoch (relatively only though since both are very popular attractions!). But it’s better to stand in the short cable car ride up to Titlis rather than the longer 1.5 hrs+ train ride to Jungfraujoch.

Don’t visit both though since the experiences would be fairly similar and both are quite expensive.

Engelberg Switzerland

Practical tips for visiting Mount Titlis

  • Make sure you check the Titlis webcams before visiting to ensure you’re picking the right time for a visit. If it’s very cloudy/ rainy there’s no point in making the trip.
  • Dress warm and wear sturdy, closed shoes
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses as the glare from the snow can be quite blinding
  • Arrive early to avoid too many crowds and tour buses

Have you been to Mount Titlis? What was your favourite part?

Planning a visit? Let me know if you have any questions below!

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