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Gruezi! I’m Smita. Welcome to My Faulty Compass, an endeavor to inspire and help the laid back, *cough* lazy *cough* folks, like me, make the most of their holidays!

If you enjoy travelling but dread planning you’ve come to the right place – I’m here to provide as many details as possible to make your travel planning a breeze and perhaps inspire you to visit some new places. All of this comes from personal experience (and my extensive excels on every place I’ve visited!) so you can count on also receiving lots of practical details. I’m here to be your personal travel guide!

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Beaches in Algarve, Portugal: The top 7

With its imposing cliffs, turquoise waters, golden beaches and fascinating sea caves, the Algarve region in Portugal was a pleasant surprise to us, far surpassing our expectations! The pictures do not do justice to the beauty of the stunning rock formations and...

20 epic things to do in Cyprus

Steeped in history, fascinating legends and natural beauty, Cyprus is the jewel of the Mediterranean. It is the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love - and the island’s stunning beauty does full justice to her! With its sparkling turquoise...

Rhine Falls – The complete guide to visiting the magnificent falls

Visit the incredible Rhine Falls Europe’s largest waterfall, the Rhine falls are our go-to day trip for any visitors. We’ve already been there about 5 times already and every outing continues to amaze us! These falls are super easy to reach and are among the cheapest...

Zermatt – Things to do in 1 day

One day in Zermatt Ever since we moved to Switzerland, Zermatt had been on top of my list of places to visit. The fairytale-like (and charmingly car-free) town, inches of snow and the magnificent Matterhorn were just some of the many reasons I wanted to pay a visit to...

Things to do in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland - The Complete Guide Zurich is a vibrant cosmopolitan city steeped in culture and history dating back 5000 years. A beautiful river and a stunning lake surrounded by lush green hills add to the charm of this city. I’ve called Zurich home for a few...

The Golden Pass train line, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its stunningly scenic train rides - the perfect combination of superbly efficient & clean trains and incredible natural beauty! The Golden Pass train line is one of the best of these routes - covering 3 mountain passes, 8 lakes, 6 cantons...

Guide to Iceland: Best things to do

The land of fire and ice, Iceland has turned out to be the most incredible country I’ve visited so far (It has trumped Switzerland in being my favourite and that’s saying something!). Dramatic, and extremely varied landscapes, massive glaciers, volcanic craters and...

Mount Rigi, Switzerland – The ultimate guide

Mt Rigi, Switzerland - An excursion to the Queen of the Mountains Mt. Rigi is our go-to day trip for family and friends visiting us. It offers an all-encompassing experience of all that’s wonderful about Switzerland.  trip to Mount Rigi from Lucerne includes a...

Oeschinensee – A beautiful hike to the stunning blue Swiss lake

Oeschinensee (or as it is known by the misnomer Oeschinensee Lake - 'see' in German means lake!) is a bright blue Swiss mountain lake in the Bernese Oberland region. It’s the perfect spot for a day trip from Zurich, Lucerne or Interlaken. Whether you are looking to...

Best Iceland waterfalls – The top 10 (including Iceland Waterfalls Map!)

Iceland’s most recognizable series of attractions are its numerous waterfalls - some plummeting from huge heights while others almost dribbling across the lava rocks. We saw a few waterfalls nearly every day during our drive across the ring road in Iceland. Some of...

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